Australian Racing Industry Jobs

Australia, with its highly educated and prosperous population, offers
many employment opportunities in the leisure, entertainment and
sports industries, where every skill set is necessary in order to bring
goods and services to the public.
This article proposes to focus on one small area of employment, the
racing industry. There are so many opportunities for people of all ages,
backgrounds, educations and work experiences that we will further
limit our looking at Australian racing industry jobs to thoroughbred
racing, although it could safely be assumed that similar potential exists
in any of the popular racing codes.
The good news is that jobseekers have myriad resources available at
their fingertips, so it is just as easy for them to concentrate on their
areas of expertise and interests as it was for us to uncover some of the
forthcoming information.
To give some inkling of what we mean, know that when we entered the
simple search term, “jobs in Australian racing,” we came up with almost
five million results.
Most people are familiar with the term “corporate bookmaker.” The
operative word here is corporate. Pretty much any job description that
would apply to any corporation will exist in the Australian
thoroughbred racing industry, including postions with public contact,
either in person, over the phone or online, along with administrative
fucntions of every sort, from accounting to human resources,
advertising and marketing, and information and technology services.
The only limitation is your imagination. To get a taste of the jobs that
are out there waiting, a quick visit to the website of any of the well-

known and stable online bookmakers will invariable provide a link to
employment opportunities with that bookmaker.
Someone with a background in Inormation Technolgy, for example,
might find a corporate bookmaker looking for creative talent to help
design and administer popular Bonus Bets and Bookie Free Bets Promotions & Bonuses.
One of the top-ranked results from our search was for a website, that seemed custom made for the person who
would like to work directly with horses. Not only that, but the site had
filters enabling the searcher to look at different employement
categories, such as Casual, Freelance, Full-time, Internship and Part-
The site could also be searced by keyword and location. This feature
requires some diligence, as keyword searches by location can
sometimes provide responses that may be off the mark, but when we
entered “customer service” for the keyword and “Melbourne” for the
location, we immediately learned of a company called Proride Services
that was seeking a Supervisor/Foreman/Operations Manager/Track
Obviously, this is not an entry-level position and we do not mean to
imply that you could be running Flemington or Caulfield right out of the
gate, but you could use this opening as a chance to investigate the
Proride Company and in all probability, locate other jobs with them.
There is a section of the website dedicated exclusively to job seekers
who are looking to break into the thoroughbred racing industry and
want to learn how to begin, find training and education in any of the
specific states, or are interested in finding work as a stable hand or
track rider.

One click on the “find jobs” link on the site uncovered over 40 openings
for all levels of experience, with such job titles as Trackwork Rider,
Accounts Officer/Clerk, Stable Hands, and even a slot for a Senior
Prducer for Sky Racing.
The opening we found most appealing was for a Free Lance Track Rider
for Boston Park Thoroughbred Service in New South Wales.
Imagine taking your love of horses and getting paid to ride on your
Just do not expect them to hand you the reins to Winx on your first day.

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